About Mary Morganelli

Mary Morganelli

Mary began her journey as a Canadian artist when she landed in Toronto from her hometown in Ceprano, Italy at age six. As a child immigrant in a strange place vastly different from the small village she’d left behind, Mary struggled to adjust to the culture and language of her new home.

At school, she found it difficult to communicate with her teacher and other students at first.  With determination, dedication and the relentless ability to overcome obstacles and keep a positive attitude, Mary quickly became fluent with English and flourished as a student.

Mary’s love and passion for mixed media arts surfaced in high school where she nurtured and developed her artistic expression through classes and private lessons.  Marriage to her high school sweetheart and motherhood had her refocus her energies and attentions to raise her young family for a number of years.

That same passion and indomitable spirit prevailed in her artwork when she refreshed her skills in 2010 and committed to expanding her portfolio. Since then, Mary has immersed herself in private lessons, honing her skills and techniques, producing numerous paintings on a variety of subjects and experimenting with various mediums – a collection she shares through her dedicated website, Mariellart Gallery.

Mary’s portfolio currently includes detailed portraits, beautiful landscapes and flowers, animals, birds, still life, children and more. Often the work of Mary’s hands comes from an outpouring of her heart onto canvas. The storms of life are reflected in her work with a determination to make something beautiful from devastating loss – evident following the passing of her 3 year old child to a dreadful disease.

Capturing the hearts and imaginations of her dedicated clientele and those who’ve commissioned her work, Mary has earned countless accolades from other artists.  She’s has been featured in newspapers and magazine articles for her Alzheimer painting, “Forget Not,” created from the sorrow of witnessing her father suffer with the disease. The Alzheimer Society has used this inspirational piece to bring awareness to the debilitating disease.

Mary seeks to tell a story with her paintings, offering glimpses of peace, serenity, relaxation, inspiration, life purpose and deeper meaning with many of her pieces.  Others are just done for fun and to further master her skills as an mixed media artist.

Mary won her first award at the 57th Aurora Art Show in May of 2019 and was honoured to be presented with first prize in the Acrylic category by the Mayor of Aurora.

Mary’s ultimate desire is for her creative gift to touch lives, bring light and joy, a smile to your face and beauty to your eyes.

Visit Mary’s virtual gallery and find something special in acrylic, oil, watercolour, charcoal, pastel or ink for yourself, your home or office or as a gift that will be treasured for generations.  Be sure to send her a message and let her know how her art affects you.  She’d love to hear from you.